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Borrowing funds might be required in some instances. Any time an individual does have to borrow money, it really is important they will find the proper loan company. Those who have to borrow


Danish program tailored to you


The first consultation is free of charge. This is where we work together to determine your starting point, your goals and your current everyday schedule and constraints. Based on this I will create a program that works for you, and will focus on the four overall skills of:

▸ Listening

▸ Speaking

▸ Writing

▸ Reading


You will experience a mix of group classes, one-on-one sessions and homework, all of which will be structured according to your specific needs and everyday life.


I will give you an offer with a total price after creating your personalised program. Below are some guiding prices. 


Initial consultation

▸ 60 minutes - FREE


Group classes

▸ 60 minutes/class - DKK 200


One-on-one sessions

▸ 60 minutes/session - DKK 300