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About me

Hi everyone!


My name is Anne and I'm a Danish teacher who's super passionate about the Danish language and love teaching it to others! I have several years of experience with teaching students at all levels and age groups.


I'm a native Danish speaker who's currently studying Danish at Copenhagen University. I find it fascinating how language shapes our perception of the world, and how different languages can impact society.


When I'm not teaching or studying Danish, I love traveling the world and immerse myself in other cultures, especially the ones that are very different from my own.



My teaching style


My experience has taught me that each student is unique in their preferred way of learning. This is why I create a teaching program to you specifically, after an initial consultation with you.


However, my personality and teaching style will shine through, regardless of the specific program we create for you. I'm super passionate about what I do, and my excitement always shine through. I want all my classes and one-on-one sessions to be exciting and interesting, and you should leave each class or session feeling happier than when it started.


Learning a new language can be difficult and frustrating at times, but with my approach and teaching style it should be a great experience no matter what.


I use a variety of media and materials in my teaching, aiming to stimulate all your senses. It's amazing how a rich sensory experience will speed up the learning and enhance recall of the course material.


Below are some examples of the material and methods you can expect to encounter:


▸ PowerPoint presentations

▸ PDF files and text documents

▸ Quizzes

▸ Audio recordings

▸ Images and videos

▸ Articles and news

▸ Test templates

▸ Flashcards

▸ Homework assignments

▸ And much more!